SEA? SEM? SEO? What?


There is a lot of confusion what exactly all those means. So the first thing is SEMarketing is everything you do in SEA or SEO.  The difference  between the two things is quite simple


SEOptimization is everything you can do for a better ranking, WITHOUT paying! All things you are paying for are called SEAdvertising.  So not really complicated, right? Not really, but since there a lot of things that you can do on each side, and a lot of things have some fancy Names or shortenings so it can get complicated. 
Why the differences? It depends on the strategy of each one, where the focus of the marketing should be, also important is the question of budget. 
It is also that you have specialists for almost any of those parts of the marketing that want to be clear what they do, and sometimes it comes also a sales along that makes those bigger than they really are, just to bring home a sale

Display VS Performance Marketing

Basically, you should not compare the two instruments, because the goals of the two are completely different. Display campaigns are designed to make the brand / product known and remembered. The goal of such a campaign is to connect the customer to the product so that...

Affiliate Marketing on the green mile?

  Defenitly not! Even if you hear different, there is still some budget running in Affiliate Marketing and its good. In fact if we count Amazon, AliExpress, Wish and all those Marketplaces that are actually all running as kind of Affiliate programs makes it one...

What the heck is programmatic?

  Programmatic here, programmatic there... you here it everywhere, but what is it exactly since so many are talking about.  Programmatic is at the end a technology that allows you to buy or sell digital advertising inventory on a easy way! It doesn't change the...