Display VS performance

Whether display advertising actually works has been a point of contention since advertising began. The fact is that it is still done and the brands that invest in it are actually big, well-known brands … or do you think Coca-Cola’s Christmas truck campaign is done for charity? Where is Pepsi meanwhile??
Different are Performance campaigns, those aim to get the customer to aimmediately reaction, which is why these figures are actually decisive.
It is important to offer a clear call-2 action and a precise and realistic definition of the target results, e.g. x registrations for newsletters, clicks and CTR etc., which is agreed with the publisher / agency.
The conclusion of afm-projects is that the two marketing instruments should not actually be in conflict or competition with each other. They should harmonize with each other and thus both ensure successful marketing measures. Pay attention to who gives you what information, because of course everyone finds the sound of their instrument best, but you have to ensure a complete cool song. 

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